Sweet gums are trees that have beautiful colored leaves, drop spiky gum balls, and spread rapidly. it’s one of my favorite things to do, especially when i have the time to actually MAKE some of them. There are two main ways you can help control your sweet gums: chopping down the sapling or making indentations into its bark, and both of these methods require an herbicide spray. The leaves will create a barrier so that the barbs of the sweet gum balls won't attach themselves to your hair. At this time of year, sweet gums stand out. Inside each spiky ball are up to 50 tiny winged seeds. Brand New. I had a sweet gum in my yard at my last house. Helpful. While you wait, the tree has much to offer. The trees’ spike ball fruit is almost as telltale for identification as the star-shaped leaves. Again hate these things. Let’s not forget about the beauty of the Sweet Gum Ball Tree itself. Well…..there are some benefits to … Glue plenty of sweet gum balls to the leaves, and then wrap the crown in ribbon or raffia to finish the project. The chemical ethepon (Florel) releases ethylene gas when it is sprayed onto the tree branches while sweetgum flowers are present in spring. It is a popular street tree and is prized for its flashy display of fall foliage. Many people think of sweet gum balls as a nuisance, but they can be used to make many types of crafts. I'm trying to teach them to look at things in a different light...not just as a weed or tree…, My apartment is small. The sweet gum got its name for the resinous sap that results when you score its bark. How to Make Natural Dyes From Plant Pigments, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The balls are a nuisance and can be a hazard if one steps on them unknowingly, but its a great shade tree. The barbs are carried to new locations when they latch onto animals' fur. Nature is amazing! Sweet gum fruits are spiky green balls that turn brown through winter and fall to the ground November through May. They're all still too young for the spikey balls but when those come I'll simple rake them up. You couldn't walk barefoot in the yard because of those gum balls. 7 people found this helpful. Additionally, if you leave the sweet gum balls in your yard and allow them to embed into the ground, they can be extremely difficult for any type of lawn sweeper to pick up. Cover a piece of cardboard with craft glue. All you need to do is clean them off with compressed air and they are ready for crafting. Since sweet gum balls have an interesting shape, they can add visual interest to a simple picture frame. They will glitter and pop on any color tree and are a nice compliment to other holiday decorations. When do sweetgum tree balls fall? Hot-glue the ends of the silk leaves together to form a circle that will fit around your head. They are all over our yard and will bust a tire but again this is gorgeous. Recommend it to anyone with a Sweet Gum Ball Tree. You can also hot-glue dried flowers to the wreath for extra color. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, "Non-Timber Products Fact Sheet"; Non-Timber Products Program of Virginia Tech; 2001, "Things to Make and Do"; Rosemary Nicolais; 1970, "Holiday Crafts Kids Can Make"; Gerald M. Knox; 1987. How many of you have cursed these prickly things after stepping on them barefoot? Herb: Sweet Gum Latin name: Liquidambar styraciflua Family: Hamamelidaceae (Witch-hazel Family) Medicinal use of Sweet Gum: A resin obtained from the trunk of the tree (see "Uses notes" below) is antiseptic, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, parasiticide, poultice, salve, sedative, stimulant, vulnerary. You can spray-paint the frame and balls with a high-gloss white or black paint for a modern look. Start with a Styrofoam wreath base. Liquidambar styraciflua 'Rotundiloba,' is a sterile, non-fruiting culitivar of sweetgum that does not produce the famous spiky seed pods, commonly called \"gumballs.\" Other cultivars do have the pods, which drop from the tree after the leaves fall in mid- to late-autumn and into winter. It is theoretically possible to eliminate the balls each year but it is a difficult process. Snipper (Indole-3-butyric acid) Plant Growth Regulator, PGR A de-flowering agent for sweet gum trees that is used to eliminate young flowers before they fertilize to form gum balls. The American sweetgum trees are classified as Liquidambar styraciflua according to plant taxonomy. NOT! Bag-A-Nut plucks the sweet gum balls out of the grass like magic. It grows to 75 feet in height and prefers full sun in Zones 5 to 9, which includes all but the very northern and southern parts of the United States. $8.00. You can also leave the balls as is for a more natural look. Brand New. I have a fascination with hand crafts, and while I was doing a little research, I found this article on using Sweet gum tree balls for dye. I love to take my morning walks with my youngest and little Scottie dog. This means that only one tree is needed for the flowers to be pollinated, and a single tree can produce the spiky fruits even when … Watch; 150 Sweet Gum Balls For Crafts Hobbies Ornaments wreaths fresh off the trees. Heaviest drop of sweetgum balls occurs from mid to late fall. Watch; 200 Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Balls. Over the fall and winter, they progressively drop and by early spring the branches are bare and reveal the new leaf growth. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. Six Great Things To Use Sweetgum Balls For: The spiky seed pods from the sweetgum tree are not only fascinating to look at, they can actually help out in the garden. The barbs are carried to new locations when they latch onto animals' fur.
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